What Your SEO Consultant Doesn’t Want You To Know Part II

What Your SEO Consultant Doesn’t Want You To Know Part II

So in the last couple of articles, we’ve given a few good tips such as be careful about reciprocal links and be careful about links that are built way down the food chain.

Something else that we found that your SEO consultant probably doesn’t want you to know when they’re showing you the links they got for you is how many links are going to the page that’s linking to your website. 

See, you can have a website that’s super powerful, think of something like the Washingtonpost, where there’s a ton of power going to the site. 

But here’s the thing, if you’ve got a page on that site that’s built like the one we mentioned on the previous post (for references something like this: washingtonpostDOTcom/stories/top-stories-of-2018/water/water-filtration/africa/niger/threats-to-environment/wells) and the link to your site is appearing on that page–how many links are going to that particular page?

See, even these big businesses aren’t bulletproof in terms of writers who aren’t supposed to be writing crap but doing it anyway and knowing full well that no one is going to read the article. So then low and behold, even though this link looks amazing, because there are no other links going to that specific page, and also because it’s so far down on the food chain, the page actually doesn’t have much power to it.

So how do you get that page to have a lot of power? 

Well, the easy answer is to send a whole lot of links to that page!

If you do that, all of a sudden it will boost up the power of that page so that you can take advantage of not only that wonderful link that you just got but also so that you can take advantage of the power of the site. 

Stay tuned for more information that your SEO agency doesn’t want you to know.

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